What is WIKIDANCE.tv?

WIKIDANCE.tv is the ultimate online dance training resource.  Both encyclopaedia and training site, WIKIDANCE.tv goes far beyond simply posting dance training videos on a web site.  WIKIDANCE.tv was developed with the simple goal of providing a complete online dance training and research environment. 

WIKIDANCE.tv has attemtped to cover every conceivable requirement in a training tool, such as the following:

  • Short, discrete video segments covering all aspects of teaching a dance concept. (no more searching through long videos and replaying constantly)
  • Audio Tracks, should sample music be required to support the training material.
  • Animated Foot Placements. Some dances require precisely timed foot positioning.  Our custom built tool will allow trainers to produce animated foot patterns to help get their message across.
  • Video Annotation to cross reference other more detailed video pertaining to specific techniques used in more complicated figures, OR alternative figures that may be of reference.
  • Supporting Text  with relevant historical and technical notes as required.
  • Discussion Board for all training modules, in order to communicate with other subscribers to the step as well as the content provider.

Wikidance uses a hybrid subscription/micropayment system for payment.


How do I use WikiDance? (for the student of dance)

For anyone interested in studying dance, WIKIDANCE.tv is simply an easy way to research and discover quality training material in a simple and complete way.

You will find the search bar in the top left of most WikiDance Pages. From here you can input your search criteria and search through the massive database of DanceWikis. Using the Advanced Search you can also enter which dance style you are interested in along with any other relevant information, and away you go.

Purchasing DanceWikis

Once you have found a step that interests you, you have a few options to view the contents of the step.

Unlike a DVD or downloadable videos, your DanceWiki Purchase is a living thing, where updates to the module can be added by the provider as better explanations are found or improvements to the content can be made.

How does it work? (for the content provider)

If you are someone who produces video training material for dancers, this site provides the facility to truly present an amazingly more complete experience.  Simply upload your material, annotate the videos to cross reference other material that may be relevant.  Add notes and even foot step animations, and then direct all your students to purchase the material online.

Convenient and far easier than producing your own DVDs.

We greatly respect our members, and will never sell or pass on your details to a third party or send unsolicited email to you (for more information, please read our Terms of Use and privacy statements).

WIKIDANCE.tv is a safe and friendly website for people of all ages – your ultimate online dance resource!

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